Gary Allen

Sunbelt Managing Director Gary Allen, a consummate strategist known in the industry for his long-range read on market trends and conditions and his considered approach to land development.

Clear Vision


“Being at the right place at the right time with the right people and the right product has been our business for over 50 years.”

Strong Leadership


“Success is not just what you do, it is who you are. Simply put, we have the best leadership in the industry.”

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A Reliable System


“A great plan is nothing without the means to execute it.”

Having a reliable yet flexible organization allows us to scale up in size, expand to seize market opportunities and produce consistent results. It is an enormous task to build an operation like ours. It takes decades to put the right components together: a top-flight marketing department, leading industry managers, construction teams, engineers, accounting, administrative support and the best sales associates in the business.




Years of Experience

Transformed Over


Acres of Land

Into Over


Residential Communities

Valued Over


Billion Dollars

Smart Acquisitions


“It all begins with the land. Success is often determined by the quality of an acquisition.”

There is no reliable substitution for experience. To be in the right place at the right time over and again takes decades of building intelligence. Our extensive knowledge of the inventory of land throughout the Sunbelt states, and our experience building large-scale developments gives us a significant competitive advantage. It gives us an accurate read on potential costs in acquisition and development, helps us understand demands, and gives us an edge finding value properties. Buying properties in the best locations, at the best prices, which can be entitled to achieve maximum value, is what we do.

Sales and Marketing


“We foster a culture of excellence in our sales and marketing team and work hard to maintain a deep bench of talent.”

One of the benefits of having an excellent track record of success is that we have been able to attract the best sales and marketing talent in the industry, bar none. These professionals help us achieve the most important component of our business – customer satisfaction.

We encourage this culture of excellence by providing constant training and team building. At Sunbelt, we believe success comes from putting the customer first, hard work, smart strategy and adaptation to changes in the marketplace. We promote these beliefs culturally throughout the company.

We work with over 150 agents in the field with the ability to mobilize in any market.