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Our Strategy

“The three most important things in real estate are staying power first, then location and location”

OUR FOCUS is to CAPITALIZE ON our strengths, including OUR EXPERIENCE

Our group has decades of experience in raising and deploying funds profitably in residential housing developments
We strongly believe that the most attractive segment of the real estate sector today is the narrowly focused niche of buying developable land in “A” and “B” locations, entitling the land for maximum yield and efficiency, developing the main arterial roads, entrances and amenities and then selling the lots, either fully developed or as developable pods, to regional and national home-builders.

We focus geographically on states and cities in the Southeast that we consider to have developer friendly laws, strong demographic trends and home prices that favor strong underlying real estate values. We have been doing business in the southeastern United States for over 40 years and have formed relationships with hundreds of engineers, attorneys, bankers, brokers and other real estate professionals. We believe this geographic focus and experience gives us a competitive advantage in sourcing land at attractive prices, developing the land to high industry standards and finding good builders with a tract record of delivering quality homes at competitive prices. We also have significant experience in selling finished lots to individual buyers if that option is the most profitable in certain markets or properties.

The extensive experience of our managers in the residential development sector provides us with the market knowledge, sourcing, professional relationships, and operational expertise to execute our business strategy successfully at institutional standards. We have the infrastructure to acquire large numbers of properties through numerous acquisition channels. We have the experience and resources necessary to envision and develop high quality subdivisions efficiently and cost-effectively. We believe that our vertically integrated acquisition, development and marketing platform is critical to executing our strategy and providing a high level of ongoing service to the home-building community.

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